Collection SS19


Dos Studio Spring / Summer 2019 collection goes back to the Japan of the 60s, when the youth took the University aesthetic and imaginary of the American Ivy League, incorporating them into their daily life in a complete Japanese style. Inspired by the clothes that those young Japanese adopted from American universities, using them decontextualized from their original use to differentiate themselves from other generations, and that have kept their style intact to today. Relying on a straight silhouette of Japanese inspiration, Dos Studio proposes a new collection of timeless pieces, keeping the essence of the firm, in which the garments are kept in our wardrobe for a longer period of time.

dos studio ss19 3.jpg

Striped Bag

Photo: Guille Sola

Models: Lucas UNO MODELS & Xian

Make up: Javier Eijo

Style: Moisés Nieto

Postproduction: Moisés Nieto y Valerio Canals