About Tíscar

We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Tíscar Espadas than the beautiful illustrations she has done to reinterpret DOS STUDIO FW19 Collection.

Although images speak for themselves, we won’t miss the opportunity to present such an exceptional artist, whom we admire so much. Her dual approach as (unconventional) fashion designer and illustrator, brings her closer Dos Studio personal seek between fashion and design.

Grown up in an environment where the plastic language has been her mother language, made her especially sensitive to life: a search for beauty in everyday life, in every small thing. Probably that's why, most of her illustrations are unknown people. It’s through their looks, their gestures that she manages to suggest their lives: a personality to be deciphered, which it may well be oneself observed from outside. A incessant search through drawing to represent the depth of the human being. Something that shifts to the volume when it comes to fashion design, turning it into a creative act itself, that transcends dressing to work on a concept from which form is generated


A work rooted in knowledge, technique and craft processes, which reflects both her focus on detail and her creative process: a constant test, working on what was accidentally found (watercolor stains, strokes with pen that don't have a way back ...). A work always materialized in physical media and manually executed, to which digital world can wait.

A cheerful and tireless artist, who thinks that life is based on improvisation and never thinks about the future, for whom to plan it, simply kills it. Precisely for her lack of need to plan, we trust in her promising future, full of projects to come.


I am Tíscar Espadas, and I am currently in my second year completing a MA in menswear at the Royal College of Art, in London, thanks to a scholarship Burberry has awarded me.

I was born in Úbeda (Jaén) almost with a pencil in my hand, I had the chance to grow up in a very creative ambient which helped me to develop my passion for some different ways of expression as drawing, making -not very useful- things/garments,etc…

During my BA studies in fashion at the Instituto Europeo de Design, in Madrid, I’ve had the chance to work with many inspiring designers and companies throughout my career. I then moved to Barcelona where I worked with the brand Etxeberría Menswear and then to Copenhagen where I worked at Henrik Vibskov´s multidisciplinary design studio. Within the Vibskov team I worked on several projects in the area of design, pattern making and installation and was able to develop another creative facet to my drawing and fashion illustration. I have been working as an illustrator for some international magazines such as S Moda (Grupo Prisa), L'Officiel Hommes and Elle, amongst others and exhibiting in different places, such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Copenhagen. 

Drawings from what i would like to be wearing right now.

They are based on what Dos Studio means or inspires me.

The technique used is pencil and digital treatment



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