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As part of DOS STUDIO sustainable perspective, and its impact in everyday life, we are happy to share an ongoing project curated by Isabel Blanco that questions our relationship with food.

Born in 1984 in León, Spain, Isabel Blanco Fernández is a contemporary art curator with a particular interest in the crossover with culinary practices. Her projects and research address food as a means towards the acquisition of knowledge and a key catalyst for human interaction, as well as an engine for innovation and a response to global urgencies. As a qualified architect who redirected her career into curatorial practice, she believes cross-disciplinarity is a determining factor in the process of creating value.


We asked her to share with us Exquisite Future, a project that she has curated as a reflection on our relationship with food.

By alluding to Marinetti’s The Futurist Cookbook and borrowing principles from the artist’s book as an art form and parlour game ‘cadavre exquis’, Exquisite Future emphasises the shared authorship of the future of food. Whether forthcoming eating habits will be sustainable, delightfully enjoyable or rooted in groundbreaking ideas, we should keep in mind that we are all contributors to the matter. Decisions are made individually, nevertheless they generate a collective impact.

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We believe, we acquire, we craft, we incorporate, we digest.

Exquisite Future is a process-oriented experiment with an unpredictable outcome. Participants have the opportunity to co-author an artist’s book by manipulating one page from a traditional cookbook. They may not only cross out words and make corrections, but also contribute to the recipes by writing and scribbling ideas such as intangible ingredients, sensorial perceptions, imaginary kitchen appliances or anything that comes to mind in the process of freely imagining alternative realities. When the time comes, all the pages will be compiled into an electronic publication, which will be sent to all co-authors for them to savour, share and digest.

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So far, Exquisite Future workshops have been held at

· Feed Sensorium < Food Matters Live < ExCel London

· Crossmodalism Gatherings < Method < London

· Lost Senses < Guest Projects < London

· Nine Elms on the South Bank Harvest Progamme < StudioRCA Riverlight < London

· Nine Elms on the South Bank Harvest Progamme < Rose Community Centre < London

If you wish to take part by becoming a co-author or collaborate by hosting the next workshop, contact her!

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